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Blue flashing health light


I brought my HP mediasmart server with me from the UK to the PhilippinesMy server does not boot. The health light (the third one from the left) flashes aqua and the disc light bars above do not come on at all. Pressing the power button on the back does not shut the server down, I have to force shutdown. However, I can reach the shared folders on the dics via my laptop wirelessly.I could not access the server via the WHS icon and tried to reload it but that erased the existing version and the new one will not load as when it gets to the page about backups it says backup is not working and try again. If one cancells it deletes the new version.So I have the server and WHS unconnectable. I have read the advise on server recovery but the server did not come with a recovery disc, indeed no discs, and although I have emailed the UK supplier, so far I have not had a response. HP do not provide a downloadable recover disc service. I am unsure after using the recovery disc whether I also need the software instalation disc.
Is there anyway of finding a recovery disc and any other needs?My worry is of course that I am unable to use my squeezebox and access my music.
Any assistance gratefully received.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Motion graphics video animation studio

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