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Is Working As A Pilot Bad For Your Health?


The BBC has recently put up an article stating that shift work is linked to increased risk of heart problems, this got me thinking that pilots and flight attendants do lot of shift work but their working hours are irregular due to flying over different time zones which in effect causes jet lag and might interrupt their sleeping patterns for a couple of days afterwards. We all know that a few crashes have happened over the years due to the flight crew being jet lagged or exhausted but what I'm wondering is the career choice of a pilot one that effects health in a major way, any pilots out there feel that after 20-30 years of flying that they are now suffering from bad health or heart attacks.
Breathing in re-circulated air and eating airline food or fast food at airports on a constant basis is not good for anyone but anyone can experience these conditions working long hours in an office in a city. Although on the other hand I'm wondering if the life of a pilot can be just as healthy as any other career as you can get a number of days off between flights, you can only fly 900 hours a year so there should be some amount of time you can spend by yourself and maybe starting earlier in the morning avoids traffic jams therefore bringing on less stress.

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