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Health issues with several Fruits/Grains/Legumes


For biological reasons that are unknown to me, I am a 27 years old male plagued with chronic fatigue, of which I only get some (illusionary) relief by ingesting the Methylxanthine class of drugs (Caffeine, Theobromine, tutti quanti) or taking a copious amount of naps during the day. No doctors have been able to help me so far, refusing to consider anything other than a "mental and/or psychological disorder". I was eating previously a meat-based diet, and now have been Vegan for the better part of the last 12 months, still my health is practically identical, by which I mean terrible. Several food items seems to elicit a negative response in my system, with increasing fatigue, skin infections, amplified drowsiness, bouts of irrational depression and so forth. I have experimented several time with Apples and Bananas, for instance, and the end result is always minor stomach aches, increased fatigue and a course of acne/cysts. Similar business with Wheat, Corn (+ other grains), Potato, Cacao, Legumes, and possibly Onions (still need to do a proper trial.) Fruit eating in general have been put on hold until I can stabilize my health, by precaution. On the other hand, I haven't noticed any symptoms with Cruciferous Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Rutabaga, Beets, Greens and the like. I've stumbled upon different theories and assertions to explain negative response to certain foods listed previously, but nothing seems conclusive enough to help me tailor a restorative diet that would definitely makes me feel alive again.
If anyone can provide some pointers, I'd be incredibly grateful. In the meantime, I will continue eating the foods that don't appear to irks my broken immune system.

Please help.

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